Frequently Questions & Answer

What is Bio Green Asia?

Bio green Asia brings a new approach to the consumers. We like to produce physiologically compatible products keeping harmony with the nature based ingredients having proven nutritional and medicinal properties.

Why Bio Green Asia is different from others?

Bio Green Asia works with nature based products. We try to provide 100% pure & natural ingredients as declared on our products.

Does Bio Green Asia provide online buying facilities?

Yes, Bio Green Asia provides online buying facilities. As a means of transaction you can use bKash, Rocket & “Cash on delivery” facilities to purchase any product. Apart from this you can place your order through facebook page / messenger or even on cell phone.

What is cash on delivery?

Cash on delivery means payment you can make to the delivery man after receiving the goods as you ordered.

Who will bear bKash / Rocket fees?

Customer will bear bKash/ Rocket fees as per bKash/ Rocket regulatory system. It is for bKash 2% & Rocket 1.8%. These values are incorporated in our website in order form. You will get this value from there & automatically will be counted with your purchase order.

Does Bio Green Asia provide home delivery services?

Yes, Bio Green Asia provides home delivery services through third party parcel service like Pathao, eEcourier, flipbd, GoGo Bangla within Dhaka metropolitan city. Besides this we provide shipment through national courier services like SA Paribahan, Sundarban Courier to any district of Bangladesh.

How many days Bio Green Asia takes for shipment?

Generally we take 48 hours for Dhaka city area & 72 hours for outside of Dhaka district depending on courier services.

How can we get products outside of Dhaka?

You can get it through courier services or our partner/dealers  point.

I'm willing to have your product. How can I get it?

Yes, you can have our products. Please order in our website & provide details of shipping address. Accordingly you will get it as per our system following payments. Besides you can make a phone call (01708393282) or communicate through facebook page / messenger.

Can I place any order from outside of Bangladesh?

Yes, you can place any order from anywhere of this world but the shipment place must be within the border of Bangladesh.